Our Team

Debra Wells

Office Manager

Debra Wells is an animal welfare advocate and is enthusiastic about excellent medical care for companion animals and wildlife. She brings experience in office management, development, and communication. After pursing her Bachelors Degree, Debra has worked with Dogwood Animal Shelter, Ulster County SPCA and Rooterville Animal Sanctuary—training for veterinary assistant & management while there, in addition to hospital work.  Originally, a Chicagoland native, Debra is a mother of boys and a wife.  She is  also an adoptive mother to her  animal crew, Emma,  Jack and Jerry.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and being a catalyst of positive & productive change.


Susan Tome

Veterinary Assistant

Susan Tome is a San Francisco native with 28-years of experience as a veterinary technician and assistant. Susan has a special interest in behavioral training and wildlife. When not working, Susan enjoys cycling, reading, and walking all around the city with her husband, and dog Emily. The Tome household also includes Penny (the cat who thinks she’s a dog), Takezo (a 30-year-old velvet gecko), Hector (a 16-year-old fire-belly toad), and the most recent adoption, Mr. Peabody (a crested gecko)


Rebecca Sid

Veterinary Assistant

Rebecca Sid has been working the veterinary field since 2008 and was born in the San Francisco Mission District. She graduated from Foothill College's Veterinary Technology Program in 2012. Her love for animals has always been a life long passion. Rebecca has worked for various hospitals around the Bay Area in emergency medicine, specialty, holistic/western and day practices but found her home with Lotus. Her gentle nature and patience has been an asset in this field overall working with animals assisting with their medical care. She enjoys spending time with her 3 year old pet mini-lop bunny named, Thor and her boyfriend’s tuxedo 10 year old cat named Zeus. 

Deborah Salvaggio.jpg

Deborah Salvaggio

Office Assistant

Deborah is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and has grown up with many wonderful animals all her life. She is a wife and proud mother of twins. She is well-versed in all skills related to the office environment including Human Resources. Deborah has graciously acquired many rescue animals including one dog, Roland, and seven cats, Mouse Pie, Chico, Boo Boo, Frank, Genevieve, Tudo and Minnie and a Turtle named Cup Cake. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, attending children's sporting events, reading, exercising and going to the movies.

sophiaholdingturtle (2).jpg

Sophia Mendez

Office Assistant

Hi! I am Sophia Mendez, I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.  I come from a small family of animal lovers! I have worked in the veterinary field for almost 13 years and have loved every minute of it.  It is one of the most rewarding and loving fields that anyone can be a part of.  I absolutely love Lotus and what we are all about!