Hospice Care

We all want to provide the highest quality end of life care for our loved ones—human or animal. Your animal’s final weeks are important, granting you precious memories. That is why Lotus Veterinary’s doctors will work with you to offer complete hospice and palliative care in the comfort of your home, so your companion animal and you may truly find relief and peace in your moments together.

Hospice care offers excellent quality of life for the times when medical intervention is no longer feasible—the period before it is time to say goodbye to your friend. Our doctors and assistants focus on relief of any pain or discomfort by providing integrative supportive care. These treatments can include nutritional recommendations, nutraceutical (herbal) supplements, acupuncture, fluid therapy, and bladder care. They are all aimed at keeping your animal happy and healthy for as long as possible.

We work with you during this difficult transition, helping you assess when it is appropriate to consider compassionate euthanasia. At each step, we provide the best possible care for your companion, helping support you through this challenging time.