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I am so impressed with Lotus Vet and the incredible staff.  The team is always so responsive and committed to both owner and pets.  My dog Castor was doing pretty bad—not able to get around/low energy/poor diet.  And the staff, especially Dr. Seth Dasho were amazing at getting Castro up and running again.  It was like a new lease on life.  Dr. Dasho not only took his time with Castro but explained everything he was doing and why.  He asked many questions to ensure he had a thorough understanding of what was going on with my dog.  He would email me every so often to check in on how Castro was doing and always followed up on any new regimen.  What a wonderful doctor who is kind and so gentle.  I am indebted to Lotus Vet and the wonderful staff – especially Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Dasho.

– Paul G., San Francisco CA


Dr. Seth is a kind and thoughtful Veterinary doctor. I met him recently when Dr. Feigenbaum was out on maternity leave and my 20 year old was in need of compassionate end of life care. The office was quick to find a time for Dr. Seth and Susan (the Vet tech) to come to my home. Dr. Seth did not know me or my precious cat and took the time to really assess what was happening, what he saw, but also what I thought what was going on.  He let me know he was not rushed and didn’t want me to feel rushed in the difficult decision I was about to make. I could tell he was very sensitive to her needs, watching her and trying to determine what was needed. It was quite moving to see him interact with her during her difficult time. He clearly LOVES animals and is great with them but also with their owners. While this was a difficult day, it was made better by knowing she was in good hands, with caring people who had her best interest in mind and who were so supportive of me as well. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Seth and the Lotus Veterinary House Calls team and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for at home vet care for their pet.

– Susan V., San Francisco CA


My two dogs would not be alive without the excellent Dr. Feigenbaum. Three years ago, Cocoa could hardly walk. Her doctor said she had arthritis and kept increasing anti-inflammatory drugs. This had been going on for over a year. Dr. Feigenbaum took one look at her and knew there was a thyroid problem. Today Cocoa is 14, playful and extremely active. She fetches sticks, plays with her toys and takes a walk every day. My other dog, Trixie, has epilepsy. Dr. Feigenbaum has helped me manage her disease through a combination of traditional medications, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, etc. At one time I was close to putting Trixie down because she seemed to be failing, but Dr. Feigenbaum realized she was reacting to her bromide medication and restored her back to health. I have complete trust in her ability to do what is right for my doggies.

      Sherry G., Brisbane CA


The diagnosis of our dog’s hemangiosarcoma hit like a ton of bricks. It’s a very aggressive cancer with a grim prognosis on survival rate. We were told by the vet we were seeing that post-splenectomy, we could expect 19 days to 3 months time. We chose to forego chemotherapy (reduced quality of life for little increase on quantity), and were told to return when it was time to put our boy down. I couldn’t believe there was nothing else we could do between diagnosis and death…and I was right.

We were lucky enough to find Rachael. She guided us through transitioning our dog’s diet to help him fight the cancer for as long as he could, and aided us in the appropriate selection of supplements and herbs. She administered acupuncture on a regular basis to help our dog keep his energy levels high and immune system strong.

We enjoyed over five months time with our fur friend before he passed, and those days were rich and full of wonderful memories for us. Rachael became an integral part of our circle during that time, and was brilliant at connecting with both us and our dog. When it was time to euthanize him, she came to our home and we were grateful for a flawless and peaceful passing. Rachael took care of all details surrounding that day, allowing us to focus our energy on grieving together as a family over the loss of our best friend.

When we’re ready to open our hearts to a new dog, we look forward to having Rachael as its vet.

– Sarah H., San Francisco CA


I was skeptical that acupuncture could really help my dog Lassie who was past 12 years old and had been diagnosed with spinal arthritis. But between the acupuncture (about 7 visits) and the homeopathic meds Dr. Rachel Feigenbaum suggested, Lassie is no longer limping!

It isn’t cheap, but then again, surgery costs more (I know, because Lassie had an ACL repair 2 years before). And Rachel is such a sweetie! She really worked around my dog’s fear of practitioners. Lassie, ever the biatch, still barked and growled everytime Rachel came for a visit,  but I was able to cradle Lassie’s head in my lap while she got “needled”  and soothe her – if I had left her in a regular clinic no doubt she would have been muzzled for her treatments. Rachel gets 5 stars in my book!

– Mike H., San Francisco CA